Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Israel - Hezbollah at War After Attack 28 December 2015

Israel and Hezbollah are at war, as the terror group claimed responsibility for an ambush of a Israeli military convoy near the border with Lebanon.

Events unfolded quickly and are ongoing, Wednesday January 28, 2015 and were reminiscent of the 2006 Lebanon War between Hezbollah and Israel.  The 2006 conflict started in similar circumstances with attacks on border towns used as way to attack military convoys. 

One report said 15 Israeli soldiers were injured in an attack by Hezbollah.

Israel began responding to Hezbollah's attack within minutes and fired artillery shells into Lebanon shortly after the attack.

 The Israeli Air Force began flying sorties in northern Israel as well, and private flights were grounded.

 Reports said Israeli military confirmed four soldiers were injured on the Israeli side. AP quoted Lebanese officials said the shelling targeted the border villages of Majidiyeh, Abbasiyeh and Kfar Chouba.

 PM Netanyahu adressed media: “At this moment, the IDF is responding to events in the North.”

 "I suggest that all those who are challenging us on our northern border, look at what happened in Gaza, not far from the city of Sderot.

 "Hamas suffered the most serious blow since it was founded this past summer and the IDF is prepared to act on every front."

Monday, January 26, 2015

DOS Attack Takes Down Facebook, Instagram January 27 2015 #socialmeltdown2015

 A huge DOS attack has taken down Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites like MySpace, Tinder, AIM.

 The attack, dubbed #socialmeltdown2015 on Twitter would be one of the biggest DOS attacks of the internet age, if it continues.

 The hacker group Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the attack within half an hour of the downage.

 Groups monitoring the internet for malicious activity said the attack was a denial of service attack.
Users of Twitter, where the attack seemed to not be aimed, vented frustration at the #socialmetdown2015 event. More here.

#SocialMeltdown2015 Facebook and Instagram Down January 27 2015

Facebook users met down error message, world-wide outage.
Update: Did the 'Lizard Squad' hacking group bring down the social media giants?

The group claims on Twitter to have attacked Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Hipchat, AIM and MySpace.

The sites have been targeted in a massive DOS attack, according to IP Viking.

Huge DOS attack underway against Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites.

Story: Facebook and Instagram are both down world-wide in the great #socialmeltdown2015

 The world's biggest social network, Facebook as well as image app Instagram (owned by Facebook) were down for users world-wide about 2am US ET time on January 27 2015.

 Users took to other social networks like Twitter to vent their frustrations and to confirm their access issues were wider than themselves.

 Users of dating app Tinder also reported the network was down.

 We're checking with Facebook, Instagram and Tinder support websites to see what may be the cause of the issue.

As of writing the Facebook blog, where information is usually released on any technical issues, was not accessible.

Update: Facebook told ABC News America it was aware of the outage and was working to solve the issue.

The outage is worth tens of millions in advertising, as Facebook, Instagram and other social networks rely on brand advertising to support revenue.

 Here's reaction via Twitter of the great #socialmeltdown2015

 The internet reacts to the January 27 2015 Facebook down, Instagram down #socialmeltdown2015 event

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coup in Yemen ?

A coup may be underway in Yemen.

Heavily armed rebels, Shia Houthis backed by Iran have taken over the Presidential Palace in Sana'a, Yemen's capital as well as State run media stations.

A twitter user on the scene, @almuslimi, said "Just drove around Sanaa ; crazy huge spread of houthi militias arnd presidential palace and president house . All roads near palace closed."

The possibility of a US backed government about to be thrown from power in the middle east could be a major blow to efforts to neutralise terrorists and international jihadist groups.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Robert Allenby Kidnapped, pro Golfer's bad day

Pro golfer Robert Allenby has been kidnapped, beaten and dumped by unknown assailants in Hawaii, Golf Channel reported. 

The Australian professional golf star was taken from an Hawaiian wine bar, robbed and beaten before being dumped unconscious several miles away. 

Allenby is competing in the Sony Open at the Waialae Country Club in Honolulu, Nine News said.

According to NBC, Golf Channel’s Steve Sands reported Robert Allenby was in a wine bar near Waikiki with his caddie and another friend when he was kidnapped.

Golf channel said Allenby sustained significant facial injuries and was robbed of his wallet, cell phone, cash and credit cards.

The champion golfer was left unconscious at a park and was found Saturday morning local time, six miles from his last know. location. 

After initially not rembering the incident, Allenby told Golf channel he was able to slowly recall what may have happened and returned to the wine bar with police to piece together the incident. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Space X Rocket Experiment Fails - Musk

Billionaire mogul Elon Musk says part of his Space X rocket launch experiment failed Saturday.  

Musk said an experiment to land part of the rocket on a spaceport failed.

It "made it to drone spaceport ship, but landed hard. Close, but no cigar this time."

The rocket went into Liftoff of Falcon 9 and Dragon on SpaceX's fifth official mission to resupply the International Space Station early Saturday morning.

The space deployment worked, how're part of the launch Musk was most interested in failed.

"Bodes well for the future though," he Tweeted.

Friday, January 9, 2015

V72506 Montpellier to Strasbourg emergency

Update: Flight landed safely and all are safe.

Flight V72506 in emergency over France

An aircraft has declared an emergency over France.

Volotea flight V72506 from Montpellier to Strasbourg is in an emergency. 

V72506 had left Montpellier and was circling back before moving out toward the sea, people watching the flight on Twitter said.

The flight went back to the airport and was on final descent to land at writing.

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